WhatsApp’s Chat Lock : How to enable it?

WhatsApp's Chat Lock feature,

We have to use WhatsApp daily for personal and official work. Meta-proprietary WhatsApp has always been popular for its end-to-end encryption feature. This facility provides secure and trusted communication to billions of users. Now a new feature has been added to WhatsApp to further increase the security level. Which has been released by Meta as ” WhatsApp’s Chat Lock ” feature.

In this article, I will discuss WhatsApp’s Chat Lock feature, its benefits and downsides, and how to enable WhatsApp’s Chat Lock.

WhatsApp’s Chat Lock

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature called ‘Chat Lock’ as an easy way to keep user conversations more private and secure.

With this new feature enabled, no one will be able to see any of your private chats. This feature is especially useful for those whose own mobile phones are used by family members or friends occasionally. Someone can also wink at a conversation on WhatsApp when someone else is looking at something with their mobile in hand. In that case, the situation can become embarrassing and shameful. “Chat Lock” will save them from this situation.

In this new feature, the user’s locked conversations will be stored in a folder with a specific password or biometric methods like a pin, face lock, or fingerprint. As a result, no one else can access that folder. Even if this feature is turned on, notifications for locked conversations won’t show the sender’s identity or original message.

Whenever someone tries to access your WhatsApp chats, a biometric method like a specified PIN, password, face lock, or fingerprint is required to enter. So no one else can access that folder without your knowledge.
Look! It shows how safe this feature is.

The Chat Lock feature has already been launched. More upgrades will be added to the feature in the future. This feature is available on WhatsApp for all Android and iPhone devices.

“Chat Lock” will also feature the ability to lock different devices connected to each other and create a ‘custom password’ for the user’s chats, so that the user can use a special password different from his own phone’s password.

Downsides of WhatsApp Chat Lock

But the problem with this feature is that if the primary WhatsApp account on your mobile phone is logged in on another device (a computer or another mobile), then the chat will not be locked on those devices. As a result, if someone checks WhatsApp on your WhatsApp-logged-in secondary device, he can see all your chats.

And this problem also occurs during voice or video calls. Call notifications will show properly even if the person has a chat lock. Basically, this feature only works to lock chats or messages and hide message notifications. It doesn’t work for calls.

These are the downsides of this feature. However, as announced by Meta, this issue will also be fixed in a few months.

How to enable the feature on WhatsApp?

Follow the below procedure:

  • Go to WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Go to the chat box of the person you want to lock the chat with.
  • Click on the image or name above.
  • Notice on the screen below the Disappearing Message option that there is an option called “Chat Lock”. Click on it.
  • Then lock the chat with a pin, fingerprint, or face lock according to the instructions there.

Now no one else can see the chat between you and that person. Only you can see and chat with that person.

Final word,

WhatsApp’s Chat Lock feature has taken the secure communication system a step further. So make sure to lock your private chats to avoid any potentially embarrassing situations.

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